Cutting down a tree may look like a lofty task, it is however not a big deal when compared to stump removal.
Stump removal involves a lot of work, and this is the reason why it’s cost is usually different from that of cutting the tree.
This is also why a lot of people still have some old stumps in their compounds.
Stump Removal isn’t an easy task, but it can be done. Using the right technique will also make the job more convenient.

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Why You Should Remove Stumps

It is good to remove the stumps because, going through the stress of cutting a tree and leaving out the stump, means the job is half done.

Moreso, the stumps dont look good in the compound as sooner or later weeds will start to invade them.
They also occupy space without doing any meaningful job aside being hazardous. Nothing is more irritating than a fall from a trip by an old stump.

Stump Accesment
Some stumps are harder to remove than others. This is why different techniques are applied to different stumps.
So getting ready for the stump removal and knowing what technique to apply in the removal of the stump makes the job easier for you.
You also need to keep in mind the number of stumps you want to remove, this will also help in defining the method you want to choose.

Different Stump Removal Methods and Cost

Stump Grinding
In stump grinding, the stump of the tree is excavated and the roots are left untouched.
Here, a stump grinder grinds the stump mechanically, and saw dusts are procuced as residue.
One of the benefits of stump grinding is that the stump will be reduced to your desired height.
Depending on what you want, you can take the stump to with 1 to 12inch below the soil level.

Since the stump is below soil level,it can be covered by the soil. All you have to do next is to dispose off the residual saw dust.

Cost of Stump Grinding:
The average cost of stump grinding ranges from $75 to $400 per stump. Though yet, a large stump, which requires more energy to remove costs more than that.

Also the area, root system and even the age of the tree can influence the cost of stump grinding and these can raise cost to upto $600.

Stump Removal
Stump removal involves rooting out the stump from the soil.
Mostly, it makes use of a large quantity of force and the machines used are usually high power machines.
Stump Grinding doesn’t require such amount of force and so is technically easier to execute than stump removal.
Stump removal leaves the environment in a bad state as opposed to stump grinding, which is more environmentally friendly.

Stump Grinding Gainesville

However, employing stump removal means you are eliminating every chance of regrowth, as both the stump and the roots are removed.
But you should also keep mind that the systematic way of disposing the root and stump could attract more expenses.

Cost of stump Removal

So many factors can influence the cost of stump removal such as: soil type, number of stumps and even root system.
However on the average the stump removal price ranges from $370 to $675 per stump.
A stump which proves more difficult to remove may also cost more.
Some professional also prefer to charge according to the tree diameter, about $2 to $3 per inch of the tree diameter.
Moreover, to dispose the stump and root you may also need to shell out an additional $25.

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