Palm trees belong to the family Arecaceae. The only family in the order Arecales. Botanically, palm trees, shrubs, and perennial lianas are of the same family. More than 2600 species of palm trees exist but the two well-known palm trees are date palm and coconut palm. Palm trees do well in hot climates. Warm temperate climates, tropical, and subtropical areas are ideal for palm trees.

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Palm trees provide the best aesthetic value in the environment. This explains why it is the most planted tree in homes, parks, and gardens. Besides aesthetic value, palm trees give several common products and food for human beings. The benefits derived from palm trees, however, come at a price. Palm tree trimming is mandatory for it to provide aesthetic value and many other common products.

The palm tree has the potential of growing to a height of more than 60 feet if unchecked. Its dead leaves can also harbor pests which may lead dying of palm tree. Palm tree trimming, therefore, should be done regularly and in a proper manner. The following is a step-by-step guide on palm tree trimming:
Examine the Tree
Before you start the process of palm tree trimming, you must do a proper inspection of the palm tree. You check for fronds-dead or old leaves- which appear yellow or sometimes brown. These old and dead leaves often harbor pests that pose a big risk to the palm tree. Another part to inspect is the stem for fruits or flowers. The flowers and fruits can decelerate tree growth by supplying food and shelter to the pests.
Organize the trimming
The key thing to note is that trim only hazardous limbs, old fronds, flowers, and fruits. This will yield a full, circular canopy of fine, green fronds for the palm tree to continue growing perfectly well.
The correct trimming
You can use a saw or pruning shears depending on the size of your palm trees. For tall palm trees, you may need to hire professionals or arborist. This because it is very dangerous to simultaneously climb the ladder as wield the pruning or trimming tools. For small palm trees, you have to be cautious in trimming the fruits, fronds and the flowers. Leave not less than two inches of greenery on the stem. While climbing down, pull off easily loose blades also called petioles from the trunk. In case it is difficult to pull off, leave them.

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It may sound so easy to trim palm tree but practically it is a difficult task. It is advisable to hire professionals to do the job of palm tree trimming. This is due to the fact bad trimming techniques result in palm tree suffering and even dying. With perfect trimming, palm trees provide you with a serene environment with light breeze favorable for relaxing the mind.
Good palm tree trimming leads to optimum growth of the tree used since ancient times as a symbol of peace, victory, and fertility.

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